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Re: [TalkAntietam] Re: Surviving Civil War Guns

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  • John Furey
    Scott Took a tour with Tom Shey in 01 , on Sedgwicks movements, ani I remember him pointing out, only the trees that saw the battle. Got to talk to the
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 5, 2002
      Took a tour with Tom Shey in '01 , on Sedgwicks movements, ani I remember him
      pointing out, only the trees that saw the battle.
      Got to talk to "the man",Tom Clemans or Paul Chiles (ANB Ranger) for that
      Hey Tom !!! Linda and I are still planing to do the belated honeymoon at
      Pipers for a week and want to get together with you for dinner. Also, of
      course, get me up to the hill, to see with my own eyes if Hood could have
      gone fether. Also congrats on your doctorate. I just hope you will stay local
      and not join Bud and Bill Davis at Blacksberg.
      Did you know John Howard, lived 10 mins. from me in Carbondale, Pa. Again
      thank you for all you have done for the battlefield. My Grandson, soon to
      really understand, will know what really happened, on 9/17/62 thanks to you.
      You are a hero to America, prehaps more so, than the FDNY,NYPD,PANY, etc.
      It,s my opinion that you will be ranked with Harold B. Simpson. Now tell that
      to Peggy Fox down in Hillsboro. BTW, what do you think of the Liberals book
      on Antietam.

      scottmingus wrote:

      > --- In TalkAntietam@y..., "Andy Mills" <kamills@i...> wrote:
      > > Hello Guys
      > >
      > > I came across a web-site that lists surviving Civil War Guns. It
      > > gives their location, both the battlefield, and location on the
      > > battlefield. Of course, Gettysburg lists the most guns with 390.
      > >
      > > Here is the link:
      > > http://cwartillery.org/ws-reg.html
      > >
      > Andy,
      > Thanks for posting this interesting link! On
      > militaryhistoryonline.com, we have been discussing the authenticity
      > of the guns at Gettysburg. Allegedly, many are the actual tubes used
      > in the battle (perhaps a hundred or more), but all records have been
      > lost. Only a couple can now be positively identified as being from
      > the actual battle.
      > Have any of the Antietam guns ever been positively ID'ed as being
      > present in September of 1862 on the field? Of course the model 1863
      > guns were not present, but some of the others were in existance at
      > the time of the battle.
      > Anyone know which (if any) guns were present?
      > Scott
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