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Save Chancellorsvill B'field

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  • J Amico
    Subject: What YOU can do to save Chancellorsville From Prreservationist, Jerry Russell: Here s what YOU can do: Write Benjamin Pitts Chairman, Spotsylvania
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2002
      Subject: What YOU can do to save Chancellorsville

      From Prreservationist, Jerry Russell:
      Here's what YOU can do:

      Write Benjamin Pitts
      Chairman, Spotsylvania County Board of
      207 Southgate Avenue
      Fredericksburg VA 22408

      Send a copy of your e-mail message to the other

      Also send a copy to the following e-mail addresses
      for the County


      The message needn't be long...just tell Supervisors
      Chairman Pitts
      Chancellorsville Battlefield has a significance far
      beyond the boundaries
      of Spotsylvania County, that visitation to the
      Fredericksburg &
      Spotsylvania County National Military Park (which
      includes Fredericksburg,
      Chancellorsville, the Wilderness, and Spotsylvania
      battlefields) brings
      millions of dollars into the county economy every
      year, and that you hope
      the Board will give value to our national heritage and
      prove their
      appreciation for these landmarks by working to protect

      The message needn't be eloquent and learned, and full
      of historic
      references--the simpler and shorter the message the
      better. The message
      should be courteous, and...the message should be

      If you are really energetic (and you *should*
      be--think of the
      also send a brief letter to the editors (including
      your full name, address,
      and daytime phone #) of the following newspapers:

      Washington Times
      Washington Post <letters@...>
      Fredericksburg Free Lance Star
      Richmond Times-Dispatch <letters@...>
      (no attachments)

      This letter also doesn't need to be long: just tell
      them about the
      national importance of the Civil War battlefields in
      the National Park
      Service system; tell them that these battlefields
      belong to all Americans
      and are visited by Americans from all over the country
      as well as foreign
      visitors; tell them that Chancellorsville is
      particuarly noteworthy as
      Lee's greatest victory, and the site of the mortal
      wounding of Stonewall
      Jackson; tell them that this development plan is a
      recipe for
      disaster--2,350 homes and 2.4 million square feet of
      commercial space
      crammed onto 781-acres of some of the nation's most
      endangered historic
      land, hallowed ground to all Americans; tell them that
      most of the
      residents of the area oppose this massive development,
      which will be like
      dropping a 10,000-resident town into rural
      Spotsylvania County.
      Keep your letter to about 200-250 words, and send it
      to all
      of the newspapers.

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