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Re: Depictions of Assault on the Lower or Burnside Bridge

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  • NJ Rebel
    Group, Have any of you actually taken the time to view and study the painting by James Hope of the assault on Burnside s Bridge? Hope was a participant at the
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      Have any of you actually taken the time to view and study the
      painting by James Hope of the assault on Burnside's Bridge? Hope
      was a participant at the Antietam battle and his painting were
      praised by veterans for their realism and their relative
      accuracy. One officer only had a single complaint about the
      paintings: Not enough bodies in some of them!

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      > That is the problem with many of the artist in this
      > era. Too little research and too much speculation.
      > Troiani is perhaps the only artist of this generation
      > to get it right. That is way his works are in much
      > demand. Rocco is close and a few others but most are
      > at best fair artist that lack much in regards to
      > historical research.
      > VR
      > James Mattes
      > On Don Stivers' painting of Burnside's Bridge,
      > Message: 8 Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 13:42:33 EDT From:
      > Pa128th@... Subject: Will you give us our Whiskey
      > now? Ok, I found it - the above is the title. I have
      > to check my sources, my memory is faulting me right
      > now - I know it was one of the 51st - NY or Pa. The
      > explanation under the print states it was a
      > Pennsylvanian which means it would be the 51st Pa
      > under then Colonel John Hartranft, but the officer in
      > the painting doesn't look like Hartranft. <A
      > HREF="http://www.donstivers.com/cgi-bin/search.pl/stivers1">Don
      > Stivers Prints - Search Results</A> Paula
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