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[Fwd: MIL: "My Got!" (Antietam #10)]

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  • Bill and Glenna Jo Christen
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2002
      > LOUISVILLE DAILY JOURNAL, October 4, 1862.
      > At Antietam, blacksmiths' tools, hammers, chisels &c., were fired at
      > our troops from rebel cannon. Some of these missiles made a curious noise,
      > resembling "which way, which way." By which our men came to distinguish them
      > from regular shot and shell, and as they heard them approaching they would
      > cry "Turkey! turkey coming!" and fall flat to avoid them. One of our
      > artillerists, a German, when he saw the tools falling around him, exclaimed,
      > "My Got, we shall have the blacksmith shop to come next."
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