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[Fwd: MIL: "The Dead...are Not Yet Buried." (Antietam #7)]

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  • Bill and Glenna Jo Christen
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11 7:25 PM
      > LOUISVILLE DAILY JOURNAL, September 29, 1862.
      > The Army of the Potomac still remains on the Northern shore of that
      > river. It is, as the Philadelphia Press says, being recuperated,
      > reorganized, and reinforced. This is necessary. It is true that the
      > universal desire of the American people is that our army should advance, now
      > and henceforward, following up, and using the advantages gained in Maryland,
      > but now, as before they must be patient and confiding. The dead of
      > Sharpsburg, of Antietam, of Shepherdstown, are not yet buried. Heeps [sic]
      > of decomposed bodies are burning in the Cumberland Valley. We have slain
      > the enemy until our right arm is weary - we need a little rest. Though the
      > Potomac runs blood even now, and though the soil of Maryland be sprinkled
      > with the ashes of thousands of our loyal brethren, yet we will not stay the
      > hand of the destroying angel long. Our great Generals have been wounded -
      > they are rapidly improving - in a few days they will again be in the saddle.
      > Gen. McClellan needs those able men with him when he advances. He needs
      > much more, but he will soon have all that he wants. The fall campaign of
      > the Army of the Potomac will be a brilliant one - short, sharp, and
      > decisive. The enemy is marshalling his hosts for a desperate stand in
      > Virginia, but it is all in vain, for he will assuredly be dislodged and
      > overthrown.
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