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[Fwd: MIL: Loyality of Maryland (Antietam #2)]

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  • Bill and Glenna Jo Christen
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2002
      > LOUISVILLE DAILY JOURNAL, September 20, 1862.
      > MARYLAND. -- The Philadelphia Bulletin says truly that the people of
      > Maryland have been maligned and misrepresented. The would-be aristocrats of
      > Baltimore, who talk and act treason, have been regarded as representing the
      > people of Maryland - how falsely, late events have shown. The darling hope
      > of the rebel leaders was that, on crossing the Potomac, they would be
      > received with joy by the people; that there would be a general uprising;
      > that all the men would flock to their standard; that Baltimore would fall
      > easily into their hands; that Washington would come next; and that then
      > Pennsylvania could be invaded, and they could "dictate a peace in
      > Independence Square."
      > But Maryland has stood firm, a few foolish men and women welcomed the
      > rebels, and a very few men joined their ranks. But the masses received them
      > coldly; they witnessed their departure from their town with quiet delight,
      > and they welcomed McClellan and Burnside as their deliverers, with shouts
      > and tears of joy. Even Baltimore has not shown a sign of revolt, and the
      > secessionists there have actually looked with dread upon the possible
      > arrival of a rebel army in their vicinity. In no part of the Union is there
      > probably more sincere joy at the departure of the rebels over the Potomac
      > than in Maryland.
      > This firm and steady loyalty of Maryland has been equal to a severe
      > defeat to the rebels. It has, indeed, aided McClellan in giving them the
      > terrible defeat they have suffered. It puts a final extinguisher upon the
      > idea, so industriously circulated at the South and in Europe, that Maryland
      > was at heart devoted to the cotton States. After this deplorable failure,
      > there will never be a new attempt to invade Maryland. The war will
      > henceforth be carried on south of the Potomac. Let us all do honor to
      > Maryland for her loyalty, to her noble Governor and Ex-Governor for their
      > fidelity, and to the journals that have resisted the pressure of treason and
      > done so much to support the strengthen the cause of the Union.
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