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Lee's Left

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  • Ron Church
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      > Ron:
      > IIRC, once Hooker's units reached the area of The Cornfield, the
      > orchestrated "plan" that Mac wanted Hooker to perform on the left
      > flank of the Confedere line went to pieces. The battle started to
      > take on a life of its own.......
      > Your humble servant,
      > Gerry Mayers
      > Pvt., CS Signals,
      > Longstreet's Corps


      Yes, I agree it did take on it's own life, most major engagements do once
      the fighting becomes general. But you raise an interesting question, one
      that I've wondered about for some time. We know that Lee had artillery
      posted a quarter of a mile or so to the west of the Hagerstown Pike, on
      Nicodemus Heights. But when the opening attack was made, Gibbon et al were
      aiming at the Dunker Church which means that they are essentially guiding
      their right along the Pike. So while the original attack was made on Lee's
      left, it was not made against his left flank.

      What I'd like to know is whether or not Hooker actually scouted to find out
      where Lee's left flank really was? If anyone would care to speculate what
      they think might have happened if he had, I'd be interested.

      Ron Church
      Manchester MD
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