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Harsh Scholar Award notice

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  • Harry
    Harsh Scholar Award notice Save Historic Antietam Foundation Inc. (SHAF) is proud to announce the opening of applications for the Dr. Joseph L. Harsh Memorial
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2013
      Harsh Scholar Award notice
      Save Historic Antietam Foundation Inc. (SHAF) is proud to announce the opening of applications for the Dr. Joseph L. Harsh Memorial Scholarship. This award was created in 2012 to honor of Dr. Harsh, a professor at George Mason University, an award-winning author who wrote a trilogy of books on Confederate strategy in the Maryland Campaign. Dr. Harsh was generous contributor to, and member of SHAF. The purpose of the Scholarship is to advance the knowledge and understanding of the battle of Antietam and Maryland Campaign, and is open to all applicants. The first award recipient was Daniel Joseph Vermilya of Kirtland, Ohio who titled his presentation “The Strength, Composition, and Experience of the Army of the Potomac at the battle of Antietam.”
      The Guidelines for our second annual award are listed below.
      Harsh Scholarship Guidelines
      Save Historic Antietam Foundation, Inc. (SHAF) offers an annual scholarship award in memory of Civil War scholar, Dr. Joseph L. Harsh. The award is presented to successful applicants who produce a scholarly paper on some aspect of the Maryland Campaign of 1862, based on solid original research with proper citations using the Chicago Manual of Style. The final paper should be approximately 10,000 words in double spaced format. Photographic illustrations, maps and charts are encouraged. Those wishing to apply for the award must send to SHAF a 200 word abstract stating the thesis for the research project and the anticipated goal and outcome. The successful applicant shall make a public presentation of his or her findings at the annual battle anniversary commemoration. The deadline for applications is March 15. Monthly progress reports shall be sent to SHAF from the time of selection until the final paper is submitted.
      A committee of professional and/or academic historians will assess the merits of the finished research paper.
      1. The award shall be $2,500 and provided by SHAF, Inc. An advance of $1,000 will be paid when the project is approved, and the balance will be paid upon successful completion as determined by the committee of historians.
      2. A public presentation by the recipient will be made during the anniversary commemoration weekend at the Antietam National Battlefield (ANB). The full research paper, with the presentation and notes, will be submitted to SHAF by December 15, and will be included in SHAF Annual Report. The final paper, and any works derived from it, will be the property of Save Historic Antietam Foundation, Inc. and may be used by the author with SHAF’s permission.
      3. The recipients’ names shall be engraved on a plaque in the Visitor’s Center at ANB.
      4. A copy of all material produced by the recipient shall also be deposited with the ANB Library.
      5. Eligibility for the award is open to all persons.

      Those wishing to apply for the Harsh Scholarship award should sent their 200 word abstract to contact@....
      Further information can be obtained from Tom Clemens, President of SHAF, 301-432-2522 or at Antietam@....

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