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Antietam Creek warning signs removed

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    From Hagerstown Herald-Mail (March 15).... ANTIETAM CREEK WARNING SIGNS WILL BE REMOVED TODAY Signs warning people to stay away from Antietam Creek because
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2002
      From Hagerstown Herald-Mail (March 15)....


      Signs warning people to stay away from Antietam Creek because of the
      millions of gallons of largely untreated sewage that came from the
      Hagerstown sewage treatment plant last month are to be taken down today,
      Plant Superintendent Donald Barton said Thursday.

      The sewage treatment plant off Frederick Street was partially shut down
      Feb. 9 after high concentrations of chemicals common to industrial
      cleaners and other industrial products were dumped into the sewer

      The screening and settling steps of the treatment process, which remove
      sludge and other solid material, continued operating during the partial
      shutdown. But the disinfection and bacteria treatments were stopped,
      which allowed 5.6 million gallons of largely untreated wastewater to
      flow daily from the plant into the creek.

      A chlorine disinfection process put in place on Feb. 12 dramatically
      lessened the bacteria levels flowing into the creek.

      Bacteria levels fell back to acceptable levels Feb. 15, which meant the
      warning signs could come down a month later, Barton said.

      The Maryland Department of the Environment is still investigating the
      matter, MDE spokesman Richard McIntire said Thursday.

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