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Re: [TalkAntietam] re Sharpsburg question

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  • Dave
    Gerry, Fuller s book is not available at Google books, but is cheap enough at Abebooks 9-10 bucks. Might be worth picking up.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2009
      Gerry, Fuller's book is not available at Google books, but is cheap
      enough at Abebooks 9-10 bucks. Might be worth picking up.


      Dave McGowan

      G E Mayers wrote:
      > To our esteemed members:
      > While reading the relevant chapters in John Michael Priest's book
      > Antietam: The Soldiers' Battle (Oxford University Press paperback
      > edition, 1993, New York) dealing with the savage and bloody
      > fighting in the Sunken Road at Sharpsburg, I came across the
      > following extremely interesting information (Chapter Twelve, page
      > 207):
      > "Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Miles (64th/61st NY) sent Sergeant
      > Charles Fuller (C Co.) with Porter A. Whitney (C Co.) and George
      > Jacobs (C Co.) halfway into the trampled corn to scout what the
      > Confederates were doing. The three men took cover behind some
      > cornstalks, which they stood up to shield them from view. They
      > observed several mounted Confederate officers off to their right
      > front. After debating whether to pick them off or not, Fuller
      > detached one of the men back to the regiment, who presently
      > returned to order Fuller and the remain solider to retire. Their
      > reticence to shoot down the officers probably saved James
      > Longstreet's life." (Note: My underlining)
      > Questions arise here:
      > 1. Does anyone have access to Charles Augustus Fuller's memoir
      > Personal Recollections of the War of 1861 to be able to check
      > this story?
      > (I ask because J M Priest is not always the most accurate with
      > his writing about the entire Maryland Campaign; this is a
      > different topic for discussion and, while it does impact somewhat
      > on the question at hand, I am more interested in Fuller's actual
      > account.
      > 2. Did Longstreet ever learn, later on, about this incident at
      > Sharpsburg?
      > 3. Does anyone know of an account which mentions such a gathering
      > of mounted Confederate officers in the area of the Piper Farm and
      > Piper Farm Cornfield and who the officers involved in such a
      > meeting might have been?
      > Thank y'all for your help!
      > Yr. Obt. Svt.
      > G E "Gerry" Mayers
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