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Re: [TalkAntietam] Cook's (8th Mass) Btty at South Mt.

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  • Sharon Barnes
    You have the wrong person. I m Thomas in N.C.
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 21, 2002
      You have the wrong person. I'm Thomas in N.C.

      Bill or Glenna Jo Christen wrote:

      > NJ Rebel wrote:
      > > > shots, the enemy unmasked a battery on his left, over Shriver's Gap, from
      > > a small field enveloped by woods. He threw canister and shell, and drove
      > > Cook's cannoneers and drivers down the road with their limbers. (3)
      > >
      > > Question: Where is Shriver's Gap? and in relation to Fox's and Turner's
      > > Gaps?
      > Shriver's Gap is further up the South Mountain chain. Not all officers were
      > familiar with the names is the local geographic gazetteer. Here he is
      > probably referring to some guns of Boundourant's battery (Jeff Davis
      > Artillery) at the top of Fox's Gap along the old mountain road leading to
      > Turner's Gap. The location of the battery was probably 100-150 yards away
      > from where Reno's monument is today...to the north/northeast.
      > > > At this juncture, and while we [17MI] were about to deploy on the right,
      > > the enemy suddenly opened (at about 200 yards) with a battery which
      > > enfiladed the road at this point... (1)
      > >
      > > Would this have been a masked battery?
      > It was Boundurants's. When the guns were rolled forward to the edge of the
      > woods bordering Wise's large field across from the Reno Monument they had a
      > direct line of sight down the road (today Reno Monument Road) and into the
      > field across from the Hofman House. The woods today obscure that line of
      > sight. I do not know how many guns were deployed...probably a section not the
      > entire battery. There were also CS guns on the north side of Turner's Gap
      > that could fire into Wise's fields and the are near the Hofman House.
      > > > Cook gallantly remained with his guns. Cook here lost 1 man killed, 4
      > > wounded, and 2 horses killed. (3)
      > >
      > > Was all this due to heavy Confederate artillery fire, small arms fire or a
      > > combination of both?
      > Probably the balance of the fire was from CS artillery. This took place
      > during the "lull" that occurred around noon. CS infantry ws spread thin along
      > the old road to the Mountain House. There was probably sporadic small arms
      > fire that increased as CS troops (Drayton's Brigade) formed behind the
      > stonewalls lining the old road at the top of Wise's large field .
      > > > The attack was so sudden, the whole division being under fire (a flank
      > > fire), that a temporary panic occurred until I [WILLCOX] caused the
      > > Seventy-ninth New York...and Seventeenth Michigan... on the extreme left to
      > > draw across the road, facing the enemy, who were so close that we expected
      > > a charge to take Cook's battery. (3)
      > > How close were Confederate troops at this point in time to the 79th NY and
      > > 17th MI?
      > At the top of the road near the intersection of Fox's Gap Road and the old
      > mountain road. Soldiers in the 17th wrote of being pinned down by artillery
      > and infantry fire for some time. The order for a general advance would not
      > come for a few hours. At that time the veterans of the 79th teased the green
      > troops of the 17th about there dress uniforms and hats. Some 17th boys still
      > had their white gloves tucked into their belts according to veteran's tales.
      > The CS troops did not leave their lines in the old road.
      > Willcox's order to deploy came after the initial artillery attack that caused
      > some confusion in the ranks of the 17th who were in column (either in
      > platoons or by four's). The road just down from the Hofman House goes through
      > a narrow cut.
      > Bill
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