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Re: [TalkAntietam] Re: 6 NY Cav

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  • Dean Essig
    Excellent Larry... thank you! That nails it down very well for me.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 17, 2008
      Excellent Larry... thank you! That nails it down very well for me.

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      > Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2008, 7:06 PM
      > Dean,
      > Here is what I found in Hall, Hillman A. Chairman,
      > "History of the
      > Sixth New York Cavalry (Second Ira Harris Guard),"
      > Worcester, MA: The
      > Blanchard Press, 1908, reprint, Salem, MA: Higginson Book
      > Company,
      > n.d.:
      > Page 62: "In the afternoon four companies of the Sixth
      > New York were
      > sent on a reconnoitering expedition, in which they captured
      > some of
      > Ashby's cavalry. Cannonading was kept up all night. The
      > fight was a
      > fierce and hotly contested one. A large piece of woods in
      > which the
      > rebels were concealed was a perfect sheet of fire from the
      > artillery
      > and musketry. During the battle a detail was made from I
      > and M
      > squadron to cross the Stone (sic) bridge and learn if any
      > of the
      > enemy was near the old Stone (sic) house. There were plenty
      > of them
      > there. Thomas Leach of Troop M was wounded in the slight
      > skirmish
      > that took place."
      > From page 54: "The regiment was again thrown out on
      > the left, and the
      > next day, during the battle of the 17th, five companies,
      > under Major
      > Carwardine, were ordered to the mouth of Antietam Creek,
      > where they
      > succeeded in holding in check 1000 rebel cavalry then
      > threatening our
      > flank, capturing a major and one private of Stuart's
      > cavalry with
      > their horses."
      > Following bits from a piece I'm working on re cavalry
      > during the
      > Maryland Campaign:
      > "Munford, with the Second and Twelfth Virginia
      > Cavalry, remained at
      > the far right (southern) flank of Lee from 16 September to
      > 18
      > September protecting the bridge on Harpers Ferry Road over
      > Antietam
      > Creek near Antietam Furnace, and also Myers Ford across the
      > Antietam,
      > and Blackford's Ford across the Potomac. His line
      > extended about one
      > and one-third miles from Walker's right flank; he
      > established his
      > headquarters at the Blackford House on Millers Sawmill
      > Road. His
      > brigade, undisturbed by any of Pleasonton's cavalry
      > regiments, also
      > guarded the north (east) side of the Potomac from any Union
      > movements
      > from Pleasant Valley and Harpers Ferry to the south. His
      > skirmishers
      > did fire on Federal units on the afternoon of 17 September
      > as they
      > approached the Harpers Ferry Road holding them off. These
      > were
      > apparently some companies from the Sixth New York Cavalry
      > which were
      > serving as an escort for Burnside. They reported capturing
      > a major
      > and one private along with their horses."
      > "More Federal artillery came up to challenge the guns
      > on the next
      > ridge and Cemetery Hill: the two remaining sections of
      > Tidball's
      > battery came up and were placed on the right of the road as
      > Dennison's battered section followed; Hains's
      > battery came up and
      > also turned to the right placing its guns on Tidball's
      > left;
      > Robertson's battery followed forming on his left and
      > rear; Gibson's
      > battery then placed its guns between Robertson and Hains.
      > Confederate
      > infantry finally retreated as they came under additional
      > cannon fire
      > from other guns behind the Antietam as seen in the above
      > map. Once
      > all the guns were in place, Pleasonton's cavalry
      > followed to support
      > their guns. The Fourth Pennsylvania remained on the right
      > side of the
      > road where their fallen commander left them, and the Fifth
      > U. S.
      > Cavalry formed on its left. The rest of the cavalry formed
      > on the
      > left side of the road: the Sixth Pennsylvania, a squadron
      > of the
      > Eighth Pennsylvania, the Third Indiana, the Eighth
      > Illinois, and the
      > First Massachusetts. The cavalry remained under Confederate
      > artillery
      > fire and spent an uncomfortable afternoon dodging shells.
      > The nature
      > of the country was so difficult for cavalry action that it
      > could not
      > be used effectively to protect the guns in any event had it
      > been
      > mounted. Regular U. S. infantry came up to relieve the
      > cavalry
      > skirmishers about 1 P.M. Also at that time, a squadron from
      > the
      > Eighth Pennsylvania and the Twelfth Pennsylvania moved to
      > the west
      > side of the Antietam and spent the rest of the afternoon
      > gathering
      > stragglers until nightfall. At 3 P. M. the First
      > Massachusetts moved
      > across to the right of the road and rode about 500 yards to
      > the north
      > to shelter behind a ridge. The Fifth U. S. and the Fifth
      > and Sixth
      > Pennsylvania remained in support of the batteries until the
      > guns were
      > withdrawn and followed them to their old bivouac near
      > Keedysville
      > close to the Pry House. The Third Indiana and the Eighth
      > Illinois
      > were sent to support Meade per McClellan's orders and
      > bivouacked on
      > the west bank of the Antietam in the right rear of the
      > infantry."
      > Larry F.
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Guys!
      > >
      > > Anyone know where the 6 NY Cav (unassigned 9th Corps)
      > was on the
      > 17th and what it might
      > > have been doing?
      > >
      > > I know 8 companies under Col. Thomas Devin was under
      > 9th Corps
      > while two of the
      > > companies were doing provost duty for 2nd Corps.
      > >
      > > No mention in the OR beyond the OOB lists and the 1
      > wounded man in
      > the two provost
      > > companies. Nothing additional in Carmen. The unit
      > doesn't seem to
      > show up on the Carmen-
      > > Cope maps. Dyer's gives it credit for being at
      > South Mountain and
      > Antietam, I don't doubt it,
      > > but nothing surfaces beyond that.
      > >
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