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Carman Atlas of Antietam

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  • Joseph Pierro
    If anyone wants to see Antietam Atlas published by Ezra A. Carman, here s the link I mentioned in a previous posting:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2007
      If anyone wants to see Antietam Atlas published by Ezra A. Carman, here's the link I mentioned in a previous posting:


      You can get an idea of what each plate in the Atlas contains from the "zoom" feature on the website, but to have full functionality with the maps (and the resolution is OUTSTANDING if you do), download the free "Mr. SID" image software (the reader for the file type), and then download any or all of the maps to your hard drive.

      (You open the viewer, and then open whichever map file you want to see; the controls for zooming and moving are standard slider bars.)

      This is the original 1905 Atlas produced by Carman and the Antietam Battlefield Board. Someone mentioned in an earlier post how much they appreciated Murfin's maps. As I recall (and I've loaned my copy to a friend, so I can't look this up and be POSITIVE), he states explicitly that the Atlas was the basis for his maps.)

      You will note a few errors of fact (and also a few of printing; a few units appear without labels). A revised Atlas was published in 1908.

      The webmaster of the Library of Congress assure me that the revised Atlas will be added to the project, but that a date has not yet been set for this to occur. (There are links to two different copies on the opening page, but these are two complete sets of scans of the 1904 original. Why two, I have NO idea. . . .)

      Best to you all!

      Joseph "Jake" Pierro
      Hanover Co., Va.

      P.S. I stopped in Gettysburg for a few hours today on a drive back home from Allentown, Pa. The place was SWARMING with motorcycles (does WONDERS for establishing a contemplative mood at a military park). Their presence has noticably increased at G-burg in the last several years. For those of you who are local to Antietam, have you witnessed a similar increase in motorcycles? I'm wondering if it's a regional phenomenon. . . .

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