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Re: [TalkAntietam] Re: Human Interest Stories from Antietam: new book

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  • G E Mayers
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      Lee authorized the executions for direct violations of his strict
      orders not to pilfer things from private citizens. The two Rebs were
      left rotting in the moonlight as Union troops arrived in town.
      Ironically, several Yanks wound up stealing from the same orchard
      without peril.

      >>>That is correct. Apparently Union soldiers felt the citizens of
      >>>Maryland would not mind such "pilfering". Since the Confederacy
      >>>"had" to put its best foot forward to try to convince Maryland that
      >>>its rightful place was as one of the Confederate states, strict
      >>>discipline had to be enforced.

      You Antietam buffs will like this new book. There are a ton of
      stories you have not heard before, as well as a few old favorites.

      >>>Scott is right. There are some very interesting stories scattered
      >>>throughout the book.

      Gerry is in my debt for a job well done in proofreading the book and
      making constructive suggestions.

      >>Scott, it was a labour of love, given my study and fondness for that
      >>particular field and also in honor of all who gave their "last full
      >>measure" there.

      The book will be in print in April and is my second non-wargaming
      book (I have sixgaming books, including one on Antietam entitled
      Undying Courage: Antietam in Miniature).

      >>Any chance of receiving a autographed copy?

      Yr. Obt. Svt.
      G E "Gerry" Mayers

      To Be A Virginian, either by birth, marriage, adoption, or even on
      one's mother's side, is an introduction to any state in the Union, a
      passport to any foreign country, and a benediction from the Almighty
      God. --Anonymous
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