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Re: [TalkAntietam] Antietam tour report: Hooker's atttack

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  • David Lutton
    Tom, I just wanted to ditto your comments on the anniversary hikes this year. I think that NPS rangers Mike and Keith did a great job. Included on the Monday
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      I just wanted to ditto your comments on the anniversary hikes this year. I
      think that NPS rangers Mike and Keith did a great job. Included on the
      Monday afternoon hike was a tour of the interior of the Sherrick home. This
      was a first for me. Mike said that the Sherrick's never returned to their
      home after the battle but was unsure as to why. They must have been a
      prosperous family the house was pretty substantial.

      The Locher cabin was also a highlight for me. I hope the NPS has plans to
      further stabilize the structure if for no other reason than its aesthetic
      value to the park.

      One question that came up during the Burnside bridge tour concerned
      artillery and its use during the attack. Both Mike and Keith said that in
      their reading of the action here both sides remember being under sustained
      artillery fire. But other than mention a section of Crook's artillery, they
      could not find reference to other artillery units engaged on this portion of
      the field. I remember reading somewhere that as many as 7 US batteries were
      firing on the narrow front presented by the Georgians. If that was indeed
      the case, was the 9th Corp so poorly served with their artillery support or
      was the rebel position that good?
      I find it hard to believe that many guns would not have had a much greater
      effect on the Georgians.

      David Lutton
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      > I joined all the park tour at Antietam on Saturday. At several points such
      > Sunken Road and the Cemetery, a moment of silence was taken in respect of
      > recent tragedy. I will try to keep my emails short by summarizing each
      > in a separate posting.
      > I spent Friday night at the new Sleep Inn, which is on Route 65 (just
      > of outlets, behind Wendy's). From there it is a short trip south to the
      > I began the day at 6:30 AM when I parked my car at the Cornfield. I then
      > hiked up to the North Woods where the first tour was set to begin. From
      > previous experience, I deemed it better to have my car waiting where the
      > ends, as there was only a short break before the next hike began.
      > I met fellow-member David Lutton and joined Ranger Keith Snyder and a
      > of about 25 people. Fog above the Potomac and Antietam made referencing
      > waterways quite easy. We followed a mowed path along original edge of
      > Woods, then south thru East Woods. The path then headed west along the
      > northern edge of the Cornfield before heading straight south thru the
      > Cornfield. Keith said this path is now a permanent tour path and he will
      > have completed a tour guide that one can use to follow this trail.
      > Keith noted the first shot may have come from Nicodemus Heights, but I
      > someone noting a marker stating the Balt Lt Artillery fired it. Can
      > clarify if and where such a marker is? I saw none along the Pike.
      > We hiked over to the Dunker Church and out to the 125th PA monument.
      > Tom Shay - Cressona, PA
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