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Re: Research help requested

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  • Scott Mingus
    Certainly Richard! By the way, I have some autographed first edition copies of the new Gettysburg book available for $9.95 plus modest postage. Contact me
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      Certainly Richard!

      By the way, I have some autographed first edition copies of the new
      Gettysburg book available for $9.95 plus modest postage. Contact me
      off-line if any of you are interested.

      Here's a sample story from my Antietam manuscript... this is a
      collection of anecdotes and stories culled from old regimental
      histories, diaries, letters, newspapers, etc.

      As Capt. James Dinkins and his comrades in the 18th Mississippi
      advanced towards the distant Yankees, men were falling at every step
      as shells and shots pounded the earth and cut down the timber. A
      spotted cow rambled through the line, going to the Mississippians'
      rear, desperately running like a race horse with her tail was high in
      the air. A Federal artillery shell struck the ground a few feet in
      front of her and exploded, splattering dirt in all directions and
      leaving a large hole. The terrified bovine plunged in the hole, but
      soon scrambled out. Kit Gilmer of Company C hallooed, "Boys, she's a
      Confederate cow; she's going South!"

      James Dinkins, 1861-1865 by an Old Johnnie: Personal Recollections
      and Experiences in the Confederate Army. (Cincinnati: The Robert
      Clarke Company, 1897).

      There are about 300 such stories in this new work. The Gettysburg
      book now in print is a similar collection related to that campaign.

      Thanks to all who have contributed ideas so far!!!!

      Scott Mingus
      York, PA

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      > Be sure to let us know when it's done. I would love a copy!
      > Richard Croker
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      > From: Scott Mingus
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      > Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 10:36 AM
      > Subject: [TalkAntietam] Research help requested
      > Due to the great feedback on my new "Human Interest Stories of
      > Gettysburg Campaign," (amazon.com), I am 75% of the way completed
      > with its companion volume, "Antietam Anecdotes: Human Interest
      > Stories of the Maryland Campaign." This latter work will be
      > 100 pages with a vast collection of stories, anecdotes, and
      > culled and collected from a wide array of primary sources.
      > What I am asking is that if any of you have access to primary
      > accounts from the campaign that you think are worthy of
      > please contact me off-line at scottmingus@... I am primarily
      > interested in humorous incidents or unusual occurrences that are
      > documented by eyewitnesses and are from sources prior to 1920 (in
      > other words, materials that are out of copyright and can be
      reused or
      > edited freely into my writing style).
      > Feel free point me to any leads you may have, as it occurred to
      > that this august body would have access to even more material
      than I
      > do alone.
      > Thanks in advance for your consideration of this Antietam request.
      > Scott Mingus
      > York, Pennsylvania
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