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Re: Re Sumner and West Woods

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  • dickeyr46
    Gerry, Just to support Brian s response, take a look at four of the OR reports AotW has online as references. Look at Maj HJ Williams report for Winder s
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 11, 2006

      Just to support Brian's response, take a look at four of the OR
      reports AotW has online as references. Look at Maj HJ Williams' report
      for Winder's Brigade and Capt Frank C. Wilson's report for the 27th
      Vir. Inf. They have pretty good descriptions of Jackson's forces
      positioning west of the West Woods. LTC John W. Kimball's report for
      the 15th Mass. Inf. addresses how close his soldiers got to the the
      barn and hay stacks of the farm. Finally, Capt PH Loud's report for
      the 10th Ga. Inf. (Semmes Brigade) addresses McLaws' attack through
      this area. All of these reports talk about "barn, straw-stacks,
      stack-yard, ledge of rocks, pile of rocks, hay stacks, and buildings"
      From these reports it is pretty clear that the farm and farm buildings
      were always occupied by Jackson's men.

      Ron Dickey

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      > Thanks, Brian!
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      > > Hi Gerry,
      > >
      > > The Carman-Cope map for the period 9-9:30 AM, which should cover
      > > maximum penetration by Sedgwick, has the regiments of Gorman's
      > > Brigade
      > > up to and on the eastern fields of the farm, but not as far as the
      > > farmhouse. Not further west than that, so I'd say not "out beyond"
      > > it.
      > >
      > > Map at the Library of Congress here:
      > >
      > > ... interpreted at AotW here: http://aotw.org/maps.php?map_number=5

      > >
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