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Re: [TalkAntietam] Welcome to John

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  • rotbaron@aol.com
    In a message dated 06/06/2001 1:21:37 PM EST, philipwork@yahoo.com writes:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2001
      In a message dated 06/06/2001 1:21:37 PM EST, philipwork@... writes:
      << Hi Tony, Tom, et al. For whatever reason I went through the motions and
      got on. Do I have to sign on to talkantietam each day to read the messages
      or wil they come up through my regular e-mail. >>

      Greetings, John!

      If you receive this email, you'll realize postings are going immediately to
      your email.
      I guess we'll now have to stop bad-mouthing those Texans!

      Speaking of Texans, I read Ed Bearss's account of a Texan officer in
      cornfield stripped to waist wielding an ax.
      Ever heard of this?

      Tom Shay
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