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Re: [TalkAntietam] "To Make Men Free" a "guilty pleasure" -- CW News

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  • richard@rcroker.com
    Yeah -- I m buzzin a bit. The Carter Center thing was unbelievable. I ll be posting a photo on the site pretty soon. But the highlight was that two of my
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 19, 2004
      Yeah -- I'm buzzin' a bit. The Carter Center thing was unbelievable. I'll
      be posting a photo on the site pretty soon. But the highlight was that two
      of my high school history teachers showed up. Understand that I went to HS
      when books were still carved in stone, and I haven't seen one of these
      wonderful people since 1964!

      You're right about reviews. I agree 100%. It was with huge trepidation
      that I approached CW News, knowing full well that it is their job to hammer
      all fiction. Understanding that, I was pleased.

      Regarding its being "a long process" -- you couldn't be "righter" about
      that. While there is a chance that TMMF might require a second hardback
      printing, without adequate promotion, it's incredibly frustrating. I have a
      major publisher, but I think that may hurt more than it helps. They spend
      all their promotion dollars on the guys who don't really need and all us
      "first timers" are left to fend for ourselves. The second book ("A Place
      Worse then Hell") is not going to be published until March of 2006! A
      argued with them on that, but in a match between first-time authors and
      HarperCollins -- well -- I'm the cobra, and they're the mongoose. Don't get
      me wrong! They've been great. One quick story -- there was a bit of a
      tragedy in the book affecting 7-year-old Ada Mumma. My editor thought it
      was too depressing and wanted me to change it. I told him I didn't create
      it -- God did -- I just told the story as it happened. He caved on that
      one. "If that's what happened, go with it." So they have fully supported
      me in my effort to keep the history accurate.

      But my how a ramble.

      One more answer -- I working on a proposal for a book about Harry Truman and
      "the BOMB." Talk about "depressing."

      Thanks for everything Tim -- bundle up!

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      > Hi Richard,
      > Methinks someone is walking on cloud 9. And so you might. Speaking
      > as someone who "doesn't do fiction," I applaud your effort and attendant
      > success. Anything--fictional or nonfictional--which draws attention to the
      > campaign and makes people think it out in greater detail is worth its
      > weight in platinum. Relish your guilty pleasure; you earned it.
      > I wouldn't put too much stock in reviews. They're far too subjective. I
      > one tend to ignore them, but others certainly don't. Therefore they can be
      > a fair gauge of reactive publicity. You want folks to know your work is
      > there. This accomplished, readers and word of mouth will take it from
      > there. The process unfolds in slow motion. Patience. All things come to he
      > who waits.
      > Things have been predictably quiet hereabouts due to the post-anniversary
      > doldrums and the inescapable fact that everyone is busy gearing up for the
      > holidays and winter, myself no exception. Perhaps this reply will spark a
      > few more. The shank of the year is always hectic for most. Then we all go
      > to hibernation.
      > Warm congrats. Feels pretty good, doesn't it. What next? There's always a
      > "next," so long as there is breath.
      > Tim
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