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  • Tim Reese
    Hi Kev, Slow down those fingers before you hurt someone! Interesting, isn t it, how natives who formerly wouldn t give you the time of day eventually accept
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2004
      Hi Kev,

      Slow down those fingers before you hurt someone! Interesting, isn't it, how natives who formerly wouldn't give you the time of day eventually accept you as "no threat," even offering a congenial wave. Human nature I guess. Get this: Two years ago I was actually asked to speak about the CG battlefield at the Ruritan after dinner. Man, have I arrived! Used to make fun of them; now I'm one of them. Must say they eat well at those gatherings.

      In doing preliminary research for the CG book I tracked the town back to its earliest settlers. The first guy to actually own all land on which the town later arose turned out to be one of Jan's ancestors. Small world. The book dedication therefore reads: "For My Wife, Janet, Last representative of the oldest family (Deardorff) still resident in Burkittsville." We heard no more about how long THEIR families had been in town.

      In Britain, Bovril is a venerable brand-name bouillon, usually beef or chicken. In this case it's a spell-check screw-up created from my contraction "B'ville" for Burkittsville. And you say YOU'RE fingers are too fast.

      The reenactment was cancelled (excuse me, postponed) over a week ago. I heard about it ahead of time from relieved local dignitaries who shall remain nameless. But there's always next year. There was a rumor afloat that I'd be asked to speak, but Al Preston nipped that in the bud. Just as well. I keep my distance.

      I too noticed Route 34 turning into a speedway. Burgeoning development between ANB and Keedysville is deeply worrisome. Can't think of a place more ill-suited. Had I Bill Gates' money I'd build a buffer zone around Antietam and thumb my nose at "progress." Well, I can dream can't I?

      We're lucky over here because we're in a developmental pocket between Alt. US Rt. 40 and US 340, prime avenues for building. Also, excepting two hold-outs, the entire town is land-locked by conservation easements. Program Open Space has for over a decade targeted Middletown, Jefferson and Brunswick for development--where it's wanted and needed--while we have been set aside as an archetypal Md. ag townscape, the "quaint little village frozen in time." State officials like to show us off to out-of-staters. Okay by me. Blairheads still show up once in awhile. One harassed our postmistress last fall for not "cooperating" in his quest. Tough beans.

      Think you could sell a few myths on the Sharpsburg Slave Block? I have several in mind from this side of the mountain. You of course have your fair share. Ah, country living.


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