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Re: [TalkAntietam] I assume no festival this year?

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  • richard@rcroker.com
    Sharpsburg, D.C. Has a nice ring to it!!!!!!! It that had happened, I ll bet you could have gotten mail delivered to your door. That s really odd. How hard
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 5, 2004
      Sharpsburg, D.C. Has a nice ring to it!!!!!!! It that had happened, I'll
      bet you could have gotten mail delivered to your door. That's really odd.
      How hard could it be? There are only 12 of you, right? It wouldn't take an
      hour to deliver it by bicycle!

      Weather in HOTlanta -- 91 & 91. Hot and humid.
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      > Richard,
      > POB stands for Post Office Box. We Sharpsburgians do not get mail delivery
      > to our homes within the town limits. We have to go to the Post Office to
      > our mail in varying size Post Office Boxes. I have a mailing address as
      > as a street address which leads to exchanges at the DMV like "How do you
      > live in a Post Office Box?". I have both on my driver's license. Up until
      > year or so ago I would get nasty grams from our Postmaster on my mail
      > making sure we give out our correct address (Postmaster meaning our POB
      > address) when people would send us mail address to the street address.
      > Sometimes the Postmaster would send mail back to the sender with
      > Address". I can tell you it's a no-win situation. That's life in a small
      > town like Sharpsburg. I'll let Tim Reese expound on small town life and
      > foibles in Burkettsville on his side of the mountain. In a side note,
      > Boonsboro residents get mail delivery to their door within the town
      > Go figure!
      > In a little piece of trivia, Sharpsburg near the beginning of the 19th
      > century missed becoming the county seat of Washington County by one vote,
      > thereby saving us from becoming Hagerstown in size and scope which did
      > become the county seat. Also, Sharpsburg was in the running to become the
      > nation's capitol when sites up and down the east coast vied to become the
      > chosen site. Old maps of Sharpsburg show the street grid layout of the
      > National capitol site just outside the Sharpsburg town limits near the
      > Potomac. Some of that area is encompassed by what is locally known as
      > retreat glen where the ANV retreated across the Potomac back into what was
      > then Virginia.
      > How's the weather in Atlanta this time of year?
      > Well, I've bent your ear enough with useless trivia, back to our regular
      > programming. :>)
      > All the best,
      > Kevin
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