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  • Dave Eicher
    Friends, I have a new book about to come out (with my father) and thought you might like to know about it. All best wishes, Dave * * * * * CIVIL WAR HIGH
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2001

      I have a new book about to come out (with my father) and thought you might
      like to know about it. All best wishes, Dave

      * * * * *

      John H. Eicher and David J. Eicher
      Foreword by John Y. Simon
      1,040 pp., 8 1/2" by 11", 213 illus., hardcover, ISBN 0804736413, list $59.95
      Stanford University Press, Stanford, Calif., June 1, 2001

      Based on nearly five decades of research, this magisterial work is a
      biographical register and analysis of the people who most directly
      influenced the course of the Civil War, its high commanders. Numbering
      3,396, they include the presidents and their cabinet members, state
      governors, general officers of the Union and Confederate armies (regular,
      provisional, volunteers, and militia), and admirals and commodores of the
      two navies. Civil War High Commands will become a cornerstone reference
      work on these personalities and the meaning of their commands, and on the
      Civil War itself.

      Errors of fact and interpretation concerning the high commanders are legion
      in the Civil War literature, in reference works as well as in narrative
      accounts. The present work brings together for the first time in one volume
      the most reliable facts available, drawn from more than 1,000 sources and
      including the most recent research. The biographical entries include
      complete names, birthplaces, important relatives, education, vocations,
      publications, military grades, wartime assignments, wounds, captures,
      exchanges, paroles, honors, and place of death and interment.

      In addition to its main component, the biographies, the volume also
      includes a number of essays, tables, and synopses designed to clarify
      previously obscure matters such as the definition of grades and ranks; the
      difference between commissions in regular, provisional, volunteer, and
      militia services; the chronology of military laws and executive decisions
      before, during, and after the war; and the geographical breakdown of
      command structures. The book is illustrated with 84 new diagrams of all the
      insignias used throughout the war and with 129 portraits of the most
      important high commanders.

      John H. Eicher is Professor of Chemistry Emeritus at Miami University of
      Ohio and a lifelong student of the Civil War.

      David J. Eicher is Managing Editor of Astronomy magazine and a well-known
      non-academic Civil War historian. He is the author of several books on the
      war, most recently Mystic Chords of Memory: Civil War Battlefields and
      Historic Sites Recaptured and The Civil War in Books: An Analytical

      * * * * *

      "Here is the reference work that Civil War historians have been waiting
      for. All arguments and confusion about full vs. brevet rank, seniority,
      jurisdiction, and dozens of other matters concerning military commanders
      and civilian officials in the Union and Confederacy are cleared up in this
      volume, which would have been as useful to Civil War contemporaries, if it
      had existed then, as it will be to modern students of the war." - James M.
      McPherson, Professor of History, Princeton University, and Pulitzer
      Prize-winning author of Battle Cry of Freedom, the Civil War Era

      "It is difficult to imagine the staggering amount of research that must
      have gone into the creation of this highly valuable reference work. All
      students of the military side of the Civil War, and especially those
      interested in the organizational structures and leading figures of the
      Union and Confederate high commands, should keep this volume near at hand."
      - Gary W. Gallagher, Nau Professor of History, University of Virginia

      "Civil War High Commands is a bibliophile's tour de force and a Civil War
      aficionado's dream. It combines in a single volume concise biographical
      information on nearly 4,000 of the war's movers and shakers, be they
      politicians, soldiers or sailors. But that is not all. The authors include
      invaluable data that is necessary to an understanding of the mid-19th
      century military, its command structure, and mystique."- Edwin C. Bearss,
      Historian Emeritus, National Park Service

      "The Eichers have devoted years to assembling their fascinating array of
      facts. . . . Rarely is a sound and practical reference book so much fun to
      use." - from the foreword by John Y. Simon, editor of The Papers of Ulysses
      S. Grant

      David J. Eicher
      Managing Editor
      Editor, *Explore the Universe*

      Astronomy Magazine
      21027 Crossroads Circle
      Waukesha, WI 53187
      telephone (262) 798-6603
      facsimile (262) 798-6468
      e-mail deicher@...
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