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RE: Little Sorrel wasl News: New Hampshire Monument Proposed for Antietam NB

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  • Teej Smith
    ... According to Jackson s biographer, Dr. James I. Robertson, following Jackson s death at Chancellorsville, Anna Morrison Jackson took Little Sorrel to her
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2004
      Gerry Mayers wrote:

      > Dear Richard,
      > IIRC, H K Douglas might have something to say about Little Sorrel
      > in his book.
      > You could also go to the VMI website and see if there is anything
      > there about what happened to Little Sorrel after his master died.

      According to Jackson's biographer, Dr. James I. Robertson, following
      Jackson's death at Chancellorsville, Anna Morrison Jackson took Little
      Sorrel to her home in N.C. Eventually the horse was returned to VMI where it
      became an institution of its own to the cadets. Little Sorrel, known as
      Fancy to the Morrison family, died at the age of 36 in Richmond and its
      stuffed remains much later put on display at VMI.
      Paul Barringer, son of Brig. Gen. Rufus Barringer, a former
      brother-in-law to Jackson ( Barringer married Anna Morrison's sister,
      Eugenia) tells an interesting story of Little Sorrel/Fancy being taken from
      the Morrison home during the 1865 Stoneman's Carolinas Raid. Mrs. Jackson,
      remembering that her husband and George Stoneman had once been friends sent
      8 year-old Paul with a note to Stoneman asking for that horse and another
      one that also belonged to Jackson be returned to the family. When Paul
      arrived in Stoneman's camp the general was not there but his subordinate
      read the note and not only returned the two horses but allowed the servant
      who had accompanied little Paul to take back their mules as well.

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