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  • Brian Downey
    Hi Group, I hope the following will be of interest. It s the content of a newsletter I created for the AotW site s members, but I think it may have items of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2004
      Hi Group,

      I hope the following will be of interest. It's the content of a
      newsletter I created for the AotW site's members, but I think it may
      have items of interest to this group as well ...

      Issue 2: 8 July 2004

      Antietam in the News

      The National Battlefield Park staff have posted the Anniversary Week
      events for 2004. These are tours and other special presentations
      occurring in the week or so around 17 September each year. These,
      along with all the other upcoming Park events are listed on AotW at:

      and at the Battlefield website:

      Of particular note is the Torchlight Tour on 18 September - a highly
      recommended and very well attended Living History event.
      Reservations are required, and may be obtained beginning 1 August by
      calling the Park If you can be at the Park that day, you owe it to
      yourself to attend.

      More about it: http://www.nps.gov/anti/pphtml/eventdetail12552.html

      A related event we told you about last time is still on tap: the
      reenactment of the fight at Burkittsville, MD on 14 September 1862
      will be held 10-12 September 2004.
      Registration for reenactors closes 1 August 2004.

      See details at the event's website: http://www.burkittsville1862.com/

      The latest at AotW

      We've have had significant contributions of biographical and
      photographic material from several members, as well as interested non-
      members, in the last several months, which greatly enrich our site.

      We also have another excellent piece from Tim Reese which is our
      current Featured Article. This is a detailed look at the US
      Regular's role at Sharpsburg, and some of the what-ifs surrounding
      their activity at the outskirts of town on the afternoon of 17
      September 1862.

      We've also made great strides in mapping the battle on the site.
      We've completed the basic set of 13 detailed maps covering the action
      on 17 September showing troop movements down to the regiment and
      battery level - with links to more info about the units and their
      commanders. These need more comprehensive narrative text, so please
      contribute material on these if you have the inclination and

      Our plan is to eventually create additional, supplemental maps to
      cover other areas of interest, such as Federal reserve and
      Confederate "horse" artillery positions, and the deployment of the
      Federal VI Corps.

      Antietam Elsewhere on the Web

      We've seen some exciting progress with other sites on the Web in
      recent months. Check these out, if you haven't already done so.
      Each contribute greatly to our understanding and appreciation of the
      Maryland Campaign.

      - Tim Reese has been busy. His recent effort to put the Battle of
      Crampton's Gap on the web fills a significant hole in the online
      literature, and gives that battle it's due in the larger picture that
      is the Campaign.

      - Perhaps best known for his fine topographical studies of the
      Antietam Battlefield at his "Photographic Tour" site
      (http://www.westwoodgalleries.com/antietam/), Todd Livesey has
      created another incredible resource by posting all of James Gardner's
      1862 battlefield photographs available as stereo views, along with
      clever software so you can see them as originally intended - in 3-
      D! Amazing.

      - As a hint of things to come, "Virtual Antietam" has appeared on the
      Internet. You probably know creator Stephen Recker from his Virtual
      Gettysburg (http://www.virtualgettysburg.com/) product. Well, he's
      working on a similar virtual tour package for Antietam, due out in
      Summer 2005. Available online now is a searchable database of
      battlefield monuments, which will soon include the more than 300 War
      Department tablets.

      That's it for now!

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