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  • tjrhys62
    Certainly no hurry, Tom. Thanks for responding. Actually all my data for the 96th PA were accrued at the National Archives, augmented by other period sources.
    Message 1 of 12 , May 1, 2004
      Certainly no hurry, Tom. Thanks for responding.

      Actually all my data for the 96th PA were accrued at the National
      Archives, augmented by other period sources. I visited Mark Majors
      at Pottsville primarily to locate and photograph tombstones of Maj.
      Lewis Martin and Lt. John Dougherty, both of that regiment and CG
      fatalities, others as well. Mark also kindly showed me Colonel Henry
      Cake's presentation sword. Very fine specimen. I understand that he
      is no longer with the HSSC, this from some Pottsville folks I guided
      last fall.

      Honored to be in the group. It's among the most thought-provoking
      I've seen. Helpful to know where the best brains are wandering.
      Keeps the juices flowing.

      Hope my recent SM espose didn't appear too negative. It's difficult
      to find anything of redeeming value up on the mountain. The severe
      state budget deficit has stalled fiscal progress at SMSB. If and
      when I hear anything from Delegate Rick Weldon regarding the pending
      captal improvements plan, or re-naming of Gathland State Park, I
      will gladly pass it along via this venue. The jury is well out on
      most matters--as always.

      Any glitches you found in the first tome will be corrected if and
      when reprint occurs, just now unanticipated. The next book takes up
      where the last left off, taking CG to the campaign strategy level.
      Should raise a few eyebrows, but I fortunately have Lee and
      McClellan to back me up, bless 'em.

      My wife Jan and I will soon devote a weekend day-out to Pottsville.
      Time to get digital images of Martin and Dougherty graves, with a
      layover at the Garfield Diner of course. Maybe we'll run into each
      other. It's a neat town and a neat county. Fascinating place.


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      > tjreesecg@e... writes:
      > In your bibliographical listing below you cite a Crampton's Gap
      > (mine) with "occasional errors." If legitimate, it would be
      > to know what these are so I can address them. Please specify.
      > Mr. Reese, it is indeed an honor to correspond with you. It has
      been about 18
      > months since I read your book and it may take a little time for me
      to locate
      > the points upon which I found dispute. I recall Mark Majors helped
      you with
      > your data about the 96th PA. Mark is a great resource on that
      regiment and you
      > did well by utilizing his assistance. I shall try to revisit the
      subject as
      > soon as time permits. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed your book and
      thought it a
      > great micro-history of the actions surrounding Crampton's Gap. The
      only other
      > resource I found useful has been the Blue & Gray issue on the
      battle. Hopefully I
      > marked the text which I found disputable.
      > My thanks for being a member of this group. Your recent comments
      and info
      > about the South Mtn battlefield have caused me and others
      unexpected concern
      > regarding it's future. Keep us informed as events warrant.
      > Tom Shay - Cressona, PA (Schuylkill County)
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