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Re: [TalkAntietam] Irish Brigade - Patriots or hypocrits?

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      dunkerch@... writes:

      << The Irish never considered themselves part of England. Theirs was a
      conquered land. The treatment of the conquerors was at times severe. The
      response of the British government during the potato famine, and the
      degrading 2nd class citizen status given the Irish by the English did not
      sit well with the Irish spirit. The fires of nationalism burned strongly in
      the hearts of most Irishmen. Meagher's hope of retuning home to fight the
      English would have been a view shared by a majority of the transplanted
      Irish-Americans even those that fought for the south.

      By contrast the southerners voluntary joined the union and were rightfully
      proud to be called Americans. Those who fought with Meagher at the Sunken
      Road showed the metal of Irish determination as they would do on many a
      bloody battlefield from Fredericksburg to Franklin. >>

      Thank you for your intelligent and thughtfull response. I seem to have been
      misinformed about Irish history. Much better to get an explanation than an
      abrupt and discourteous reply like Tony Turner.
      I will endeavor to learn more about the Irish.

      Since I crossposted this I will also do the same when replying

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