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  • Paul
    HISTORICAL FICTION WRITING CONTEST ... A Contest Being Held By The Fields Of Conflict Yahoo Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FieldsOfConflict ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2003
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      A Contest Being Held By The "Fields Of Conflict"
      Yahoo Group



      PRIZE...The winner will have his or her choice of either:

      "Hardtack & Coffee--The Unwritten Story Of Army Life" by
      John D. Billings (Origionally published in 1887), a view
      of army life from the Union perspective.

      "Company Aytch--Or, A Side Show Of The Big Show" by
      Sam Watkins (Origionally published in 1882), a view of
      army life from the Confederate perspective.


      OVERVIEW. . .

      The contest is "Historical Fiction" about the American
      Civil War and as such will have two components: a
      "historical" research part and a purely "fictional" part.

      Submissions for the contest will focus on one regiment
      (either Union or Confederate), one battle in which that
      regiment fought, and one person (a real individual who
      actually lived during the Civil War, or a fictitious
      individual made up by the author).

      The entry can be written in any format. It can be a
      first person narrative short story. It can be a series
      of letters written home by this real or fictitious person.
      It can be a diary written by this person. Or, it can be
      in some other format--the only limitation is your own

      The object of the submission is to scatter throughout the
      work information about the chosen regiment's involvement
      in the selected battle. That's the "historical" portion
      of the contest. The second objective is to develop the
      character and personality of this real or fictitious
      person who is conveying this information through either a
      narrative, a series of letters home, in a diary, or in
      whatever other form you might select. That's the
      "fictional" part of the contest.





      Submissions will be judged on just how well the author
      succeeded in accomplishing both the "historical" and the
      "fictional" objectives of the work. Questions like the
      following will form the basis for selecting the winner:

      1. Did the work give the reader a clear picture of what
      the chosen regiment was doing before, during, and after
      the selected battle?

      2. Did the work supply interesting facts about this
      regiment, it's higher ranking officers, the problems it
      faced preparing for and taking part in the battle, the
      men who made up the ranks, the equipment it had on hand,
      the mindset of the men and their morale level, the
      casualties they sustained, etc., etc., etc.? (The more
      historically accurate information dispersed through the
      work the more likely it will be that the piece will win.)

      3. Did the work do a good job of developing the character
      and personality of the real or fictitious person chosen
      or created to convey the "historical" facts in the format
      the author selected?

      4. Does the reader come away from the work feeling as
      though he or she "KNOWS" this person now and has insights
      into this person's background and thinking.

      5. Did the work accurately portray the life of a Civil
      War soldier? If the chosen person is a physician, did
      the work give the reader an accurate image of how doctors
      functioned and the problems they faced. If the chosen
      person is a cavalryman, did the work portray the problems
      faced with their mounts. If the chosen person is an
      officer, did the work give insights into how officers
      delt with personel problems and devised tactics? If the
      person is an enlisted man, did the work give insights
      into what occupied the thoughts and attention of the
      common soldier? Etc.


      RULES. . .

      1. The contest begins 1 October 2003 and ends 1 March

      2. Send an email to pes1248@... if you plan to
      submit an entry. In the email please give the title of
      your piece, the regiment and battle you plan to cover, the
      name, rank, etc. of the person who will convey the
      information, if the person is real or fictitious, and the
      format you plan to use (story, letters, diary, etc). Also
      include the email address at which you should be contact
      if you win.

      3. All submissions must be done in ASCII text with lines
      no longer then 80 characters. This file, containing the
      rules, is an example of the proper form. Do not make
      submissions in Microsoft Word or any other word processing
      software forms. I'll maintain a list of the intended
      submissions in the FILES section so the rest of the
      members can see who's entered and what they plan to do.

      4. On 1 March 2004 all submissions must be uploaded as
      a text file to the FILES/ARTICLES-MEMBER_WRITTEN folder of
      the parent group. Do not upload any submissions to this
      folder before 1 March 2004 or after 2 March 2004.

      5. Any entries placed in the FILES section after 2 March
      2004 will be removed as ineligible.

      6. Members and moderators will have from 3 March 2004 to
      31 March 2004 to read through the submissions and to cast
      their vote for the best. Members and moderators are
      asked to use the JUDGING CRITERIA above as a guide to
      deciding which entry they feel adhered most closely to
      the contest rules, which was the most interesting and the
      most informative, and which they feel deserves the prize.

      7. A poll will be started in the POLLS section of the
      parent group on 3 March 2004 containing the titles of all
      of the entries posted in the FILES section. Members and
      moderators can then cast their vote for the best entry.
      The poll will be of the "single choice" type, and also of
      the type where member's Yahoo ID's are placed alongside
      the vote (to avoid double voting and people voting for
      their own entries). If you submit an entry you can't
      vote in the poll. The poll will be scheduled to close
      automatically on 31 March 2004.

      8. Moderators and family members of moderators may not
      submit entries.

      9. The winner will be decided by the poll. A vote by a
      moderator will be worth 2 points and a vote by a group
      member will be worth 1 point. The entry with the highest
      score will win.

      10. The winning entry will be announced on or about the
      first of April 2004 via a posted message to the group.
      The winner will also be contacted via email at about the
      same time (please make sure you enclose an email address
      when you forward your entry letter mentioned in rule 2).
      The winner will be asked to supply a mailing address to
      which the book can be sent, and will also be asked which
      book he or she wants.

      11. In the event of a tie for first place, the decision
      will be made by a coin toss (yes, you'll have to trust me
      that the toss was fair). A prize not claimed by 15 April
      2004 will go to the tied winner (if one exists) or to the
      second place winner.

      12. Authors agree to allow the group to make their works
      public (to group members), and to allow the work to be
      kept on permanent access in the FILES section for as long
      as the group exists.

      13. The contest is open ONLY to members of the Yahoo
      group "Fields Of Conflict" or to members of their family.
      To upload submissions you must be a member of the group
      and members can upload submissions for family members who
      which to participate.



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