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Fw: Florida Politics and History

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  • Ray Ortensie
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      Subject: Florida Politics and History

      > Subject: Florida Politics and History
      > From: Dr. James V. Holton
      > Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Scholars:
      > A recent and drastic turn of events threatens to undermine decades of
      > historical collections as well as the future of history in the state of
      > Florida.
      > This past November, Florida voters approved Amendment Nine, the so-called
      > "Class-Size Amendment" mandating smaller classes in Florida public
      > Incumbent Governor Jeb Bush opposed the amendment. At one point during the
      > election campaign, Gov. Bush was recorded telling Republican supporters he
      > had "devious plans" to circumvent the Amendment if approved. Gov. Bush has
      > been working to decimate the state's social programs even while he reduces
      > taxes.
      > Earlier this week, Gov. Bush proposed a budget that would dismantle the
      > State Library, Archives, and Museum and disperse the collections to other
      > bureaus of the state. This move would set back five decades or organized
      > historical collection in this state. Some people have called Florida the
      > "state without history," and Gov. Bush is working to make that happen.
      > Anyone who does historical research in Florida would be
      > affected--preservationists, amateur and professional historians, museums,
      > schools and county governments. Historical collections would be dispersed
      > and decentralized to either the Department of Environmental Protection,
      > to the Department of Management Services. Such a move would cripple
      > access since none of these agencies have the necessary archival or library
      > experience to handle such collections. More than 1 million documents and
      > 250,000 historical artifacts are at stake. Over 200 librarians and
      > archivists would be out of work, the state robbed of their collective
      > knowledge.
      > State newspapers are condemning this proposed wasting of the state's
      > historical patrimony. Florida State University, a proposed recipient for
      > State Library, has already voiced its opposition to the plan. Within the
      > historical profession, opposition to Gov. Bush's proposal is coalescing
      > fast. Florida's history predates any of the traditionally regarded
      > colonies. The State Library, Archives and Museum have been at the
      > of preserving this vital link to our past. Floridians' sense of collective
      > identity is threatened by Gov. Bush's move.
      > Anyone interested in defending historical research and enlightenment in
      > Florida is urged to participate in order to stop Bush's political
      > vindictiveness For more information, see:
      > http://www.libraryplanet.com/edit/mt/mt-comments.cgi?entry_id=2041
      > Information about reaching Florida's legislators can be obtained through
      > links at:
      > www.leg.state.fl.us/welcome/index.cfm
      > ...Dr. James V. Holton
      > Assistant Professor of History
      > Warner Southern College
      > Lake Wales, Florida
      > holtonj@...
      > ______________________________________
      > Professor David Herr
      > Editor H-South
      > History Department
      > St. Andrews Presbyterian College
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