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926Re: [TalkAntietam] Reenactment of Antietam

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  • John Furey
    Sep 10, 2002
      And also "marched" me up the Gap last year at the Muster. (remember I was going
      to the Cardiologist the next week). I still made it up though with Pete Chittick
      (7 yrs. older).
      I am grateful to know men like you and Gerry and Tom, it was not that long ago
      that i even knew there was an Antietam.

      "Rawlings, Kevin" wrote:

      > Dave,
      > >From having been chairman of ACWCC during the the Antietam and Gettysburg
      > 125th re-enactments, I can tell you that the registration fees that came in
      > during the early days of event advertising was used to secure many of the
      > logistics of the events; ie., porta-potties, firewood(we never charged for
      > it), straw, water tankers, event bond and insurance, buying and renting of
      > tools and heavy equipment, re-enactor insurance(we covered all re-enactors
      > during the Gettysburg event), payment to the landowner for rent of his
      > property, ICE, and various other sundry things. We were a non-profit
      > organization, the groups running now are not. They are for profit with paid
      > staff and workers. All of ours were volunteers. We were able after all the
      > bills were paid to donate $2,000.00 to SHAF in 1987 and $5,000.00 to GBPA
      > for the 1988 Gettyburg event for battlefield preservation.
      > After my working in the re-enactment field and several brusque
      > conversations with the new "king" of re-enactments Donny Warlick (he
      > basically told me the re-enactment mentality has changed,but I don't see
      > much of that), I gladly only do living histories at historical sites. You
      > can only get some bright spots of authenticity at such large events where
      > youcan have authenticity control at historic sites in smaller numbers. But
      > that is another lengthy e-mail in itself. I've lost my desire to participate
      > in the circus atmosphere of these grand events. But that is just my feeling.
      > Unfortunately it is the early money raised by registration of re-enactment
      > units that get the event preparations moving. I too have been appalled by
      > the rising cost of event attendance. Many of us that attended the 135th
      > Gettysburg in my artillery unit during the event looked at one another and
      > said "What the hell are we doing here and what were we thinking!" and
      > decided not to do any more re-enactments. Those are just my feelings (as
      > well as the other members of the unit) and mine alone. I'm just tired of the
      > politics and the other bs that goes along with these large CW re-enactments.
      > During the 125th I worked on 1st Manassas (1986), Chairman for Antietam
      > (1987), & Gettysburg (1988), and began work on Chickamauga but left before
      > the big huricane debacle that September of 1988 for a for profit
      > re-enactment organization called Napoleonic Tactics. I've done small events
      > for the several preservation groups I belong to over the years and the
      > Sharpsburg Heritage Festival, but I am retired now from doing this. I'll
      > participate only as I've done my time in hell. It'll have to be something
      > reaaly special to get me back out to work on an event.
      > I hope I answered one or two of your questions.
      > Kevin Rawlings
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