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918RE: [TalkAntietam] Reenactment of Antietam

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  • Rawlings, Kevin
    Sep 10, 2002

      A little more about the mega re-enactment at the Antietam area this weekend.
      The event co-ordinators are not allowing preservation groups like SHAF and
      other non-profit groups to sell t-shirts and hats and other items that are
      the staple of our fundraising because they want to have complete control of
      the money brought in from the sale of their t-shirts and hats and not be
      diluted from having so many other groups cutting into their profits. Books
      are okay, but I can't remember if we are allowed to sell our raffle tickets
      for a Don Trioni framed print. There was a fair sized list of "cans" and
      "can'ts". SHAF and several other groups have been promised a donation of the
      proceeds raised from the event after all bills are paid. It still stings to
      have our biggest money makers forbidden from our table merchandise.

      Kevin Rawlings
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