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911Re: [TalkAntietam] Reenactment of Antietam

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  • Bill and Glenna Jo Christen
    Sep 9, 2002
      Dave Clugh wrote:

      > Can anyone give insite as to the reasons Civil War Reenactments charge such high registration fees, or even why registration fees are charged at all?


      Theoretically, as performers, we should be getting paid! While compared to your investment in an accurate outfit, a $10 fee to play is small. If you play golf it might be a $30 fee. however we in the role-palying community have allowed the mega event sponsors to not give the enactors any proper recompense.

      > I recall doing a Civil War event at Cedar Creek one year and having to shell out money for straw and then firewood!

      Somewhere in the CW role-playing community the idea of providing amenities to participants at their cost evolved. Many historical sites and sponsors were (and some still are) happy to provide the amenities or even pay people to participate. As the "commercial" interests in mega events and CW movie making have grown the cost of amenities for large events was bigger than site budgets. and
      the enactors were told to kick in. It didn't help that many in the enactment community are all to willing to do movie work for free and some "face time" either. This set a dangerous precedent.

      So today at Antietam with all the corporate sponsorship there is no reason why the "performers" should have to pay. At Perryville (about one/third the size of Antietam), the entire enactment is being paid for by the Kentucky Parks Department. The $10 registration fee goes directly to the battlefield preservation fund...different mindset here in the west.

      The lack of a national CW role-palying organization also prevents proper representation and keeps the masses from bargaining with event sponsors.

      A minor point on amenities...if the military enactors were serious, they would not need straw for bedding...it wasn't issued. This could save a few bucks. :<)

      Bill Christen (who is paying $240 just to set up the Watchdog shebang in the field merchants area. The Watchdog is a non-profit educational and battle preservation organization. I will be focusing on raising funds for SHAF.)
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