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910Re: [TalkAntietam] Reenactment of Antietam

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  • NJ Rebel
    Sep 9, 2002

      I will be at that event. There is INSURANCE which is very
      expensive, land use permits, porta johns, road construction,
      etc., not to mention food, water, etc. Corporate sponsorship was
      sought to help defray many of the costs. There are 13,000
      reenactors registered for the event and they are expecting a
      sizable number of spectators. There is also event staff that have
      to be covered, etc.

      I agree with some of what you say, but reenacting needs to cover
      its expenses and pay its own way SOMEHOW. I am not shouting at
      you but emphasizing how prohibitive it could be cost wise if the
      public bore all the costs for an event. The mega events are
      really not a true way to reenact but they are a very good way to
      educate a large group of people into some idea of what the actual
      soldiers experienced in the battle situations. Living history
      events and similar where either the public pays or the reenactors
      pay are more locally run ones.

      I am still relatively new at the reenacting hobby but I am sure
      those in the group who have been in the hobby for several years
      could provide more information.

      Your humble servant,
      Gerry Mayers
      Pvt., CS Signals,
      Longstreet's Corps

      A Proud American by Birth, Southern by Choice!

      "I know of no fitter resting-place for a soldier than the field
      on which he has nobly laid down his life." --General Robert
      Edward Lee

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      Subject: [TalkAntietam] Reenactment of Antietam

      > Group:
      > I have not done nor been to a Civil War Reenactment for several
      years. One of the reasons I stopped is the fact it became a bit
      too expensive.
      > Can anyone give insite as to the reasons Civil War Reenactments
      charge such high registration fees, or even why registration fees
      are charged at all? I currently do Rev War and sites, most are
      original ones at that, pay us to attend and do reenactments of
      varying sizes. I recall doing a Civil War event at Cedar Creek
      one year and having to shell out money for straw and then
      > I visited the Antietam site and see that it would cost anywhere
      from 17 to 25 dollars per participant to register depending upon
      when they received the money. These "sponsors" then are charging
      the public more to come and see. Geeze, I think it is something
      like 25 dollars for a day pass and 40 something for three days.
      They are probably charging for parking as well.
      > I found it offensive that I would be charged a registration fee
      after supplying all of my equipment and powder etc. and then the
      public is charged more to boot to come see me (us) do our thing.
      the reenactors get nothing in return other than a place to play.
      > Does anyone have ideas on this? I am curious. Who is making the
      profits off of the reenactors?
      > I realize there must be some compensation for land use, crop
      damage/parodies, insurance, logistical support, etc. But
      shouldn't that come from what the public is charged?
      > Your servant,
      > Dave Clugh
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