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905Re: [TalkAntietam] Re: 1936 Photo - Fox's Gap

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  • Bill and Glenna Jo Christen
    Sep 7, 2002
      TR Livesey wrote:

      > I presume you mean the Reno Monument marks the northwest corner Wise's field?


      Yes, sorry for the confusion...up too late reading e-mails last night.

      > Do you have copies of these images you looked at in the NA?

      I have large-size photocopies of the maps which had annotations that I highlighted
      years ago. I will scan them, but it may have to wait until I get back from Antietam
      (leaving wednesday morning).

      > I'm going to guess that 1 of the maps you refer to is the Witzleben & von Kamecke Map
      > of
      > South Mountain, which is reproduced in McElfresh's "Maps and Mapmakers" book, p101.

      I do not have that book.

      > If we had a nice copy of 1 of these maps, we could superimpose it
      > on the 1936 photo and modern maps.

      It's curious in that both maps appear to have been made at the same time, but there are
      different annotations on each.

      > I have taken the 1936 photo and drawn a field of the approx. dimensions
      > that you specify:80x190 yards. Does that line up with your expectations?
      > http://www.westwoodgalleries.com/fox/fox6.jpg

      Yes, but, we need to check the details...perhaps with Fred Wilder Cross' circa early
      1920s photographs of the field would help. I have a set of them. I will also send you a
      copy of the more modern survey when I get back.

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