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872War Gameing the Civil War

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  • james2044
    Aug 30, 2002
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      This is off topic but something I've enjoyed for years and would like
      to share with you. Playing good Civil War games can increase you
      understanding of how things worked, help you meet people and just be

      For the PC; HPS Simulations has John Tiller's Campaign Corinth this
      is available from HPS. Talonsoft did a series of excellent battle
      games that have a very loyal following. Talonsoft left us but
      several people have continued to build games for this system. You
      can find many of these games in the reminder racks at EB or Software

      Board Games; SPI did a series of games starting with Terrible Swift
      Sword, TSS. Avalon Hill has done several games. AH's Gettysburg,
      1956 version, was my 1st Civil War game. eBay is the only source of
      these games I know.

      If you would like more information or have questions, send me an