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  • NJ Rebel
    Aug 25, 2002
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      I believe your post was to me; my nickname can be seen below.

      As to Perryville, yes, it was equally an important battle in the
      Western theater at almost the same time as Confederate forces
      were attempting to carve out a Confederate Southwest (Arizona,
      New Mexico and Southern California areas).

      1862 between August and October was the true High Tide of the

      As to the British Government, etc. had Lee won at Antietam,
      Lincoln would have been unable to issue the EP and the British
      Government might have been able to use its not inconsiderable
      influence to arrange a negotiated peace. (Which is what the
      Confederacy really wanted after all!)

      Your humble servant,
      Gerry Mayers
      Pvt., CS Signals,
      Longstreet's Corps

      A Proud American by Birth, Southern by Choice!

      "I know of no fitter resting-place for a soldier than the field
      on which he has nobly laid down his life." --General Robert
      Edward Lee

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      > Gary,
      > Keeping Kentucky in the Union was IMHO "much". Perryville, is
      > over looked as an important battle, as is most all of
      > the "Heartland". We see the East and Grant but little else.
      > I don't know that a British goverment, comming in for the CSA,
      > had lasted after the EP. Britian had taken the lead in
      stopping the
      > slave trade and that would have been a major change.
      > James
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