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841Re: [TalkAntietam] Re: Antietam Magazine

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  • rotbaron@aol.com
    Aug 23, 2002
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      For those interested in the current "Antietam Commemorative Issue" that I
      mentioned, here are some of the articles:

      To Antietam Creek - D. Scott Hartwig
      Lost and Found: SO No. 191 - Stephen Sears
      War on South Mountain - Mark Grimsley
      Carnage in a Cornfield - Robert Cheeks
      'Dear Union:' A Federal Artilleryman at Antietam - John Hennessy
      Readers' Guide To Antietam - Thomas Clemens
      Horrors of Bloody Lane - B. Keith Toney
      Whay Did Burnside Cross the Bridge - Thomas Clemens
      They Never Had a Chance (16th Conn Inf) - Lesley Gordon
      Defeat or Victory? (South perspectives on Antietam) - Gary Gallagher
      An Interview with John Howard (Superintendent of battlefield)
      Preservation (SHAF's great efforts) - Robert Hodge

      Tom Clemens' article notes that readers can anticipate (in future) Scott
      Hartwig's multivolume study of the Maryland Campaign.

      If you are desperate to find a copy, my local store has several on shelf. For
      cost (4.99 + .30 tax) plus US postage, I get you a copy and send it off ASAP.

      Tom Shay

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