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769Re: [TalkAntietam] Mansfield's route

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  • Ron Church
    Jul 14, 2002

      I'm not sure just how much information Hooker had conveyed to Mansfield,
      perhaps some of the others can shed more light on this. But I do have some
      information regarding timing that might be of interest; BG Alpheus Williams
      (now commanding XII Corps) states in his report "While the deployment was
      going on, and before the leading regiments were fully engaged, it was
      reported to me that the veteran and distinguished commander of the corps was
      mortally wounded. I at once reported to Major-General Hooker on the field,
      took from him such direction as the pressing exigencies would permit, and
      hastened to make a disposition of the corps to meet them".

      Williams doesn't mention anything about Hooker having been wounded. From the
      NPS maps, Mansfield reached the "deployment" area at about 8:00 so
      Mansfield's wounding may have happened between 8:00 and 8:30.

      Hooker in his report states, "While my wound was being examined by the
      surgeon, Sumner's corps appeared on the field on my immediate right, and I
      have an indistinct recollection of having seen Sedgwick's division pass to
      the front." Since Sumner entered the West Woods at about 9:00 it would be
      possible that the two commanders were wounded within the same half hour.

      Given the "exigencies" Williams referred to, unless Hooker and Mansfield met
      or communicated earlier, it doesn't look like there was much time for
      coordination at the corps level once the battle started.

      Ron Church
      Manchester MD

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      > Todd, Paula, Ron and all,
      > Correct me if I am mistaken, but I seem to recall reading at one
      > point or another that by the time Mansfield actually had his XII
      > Corps on the field Joe Hooker had already been wounded and was,
      > unfortunately, out of the tactical situation and thereby unable
      > to inform Mansfield of the actual situation.
      > Your humble servant,
      > Gerry Mayers
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      > Longstreet's Corps
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