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  • Ray Ortensie
    Jul 12, 2002
      Some may be interested in the book that I am going to begin reading

      Manifest Destiny's Underworld: Filibustering in Antebellum America by Robert
      E. May

      I have not begun reading this but I know the professor very well - he's my
      advisor - and have read all of his other books. The book will probably
      touch on the colonization theory of the south to push towards taking Cuba
      (from the British), Nicaragua, and the such. His other book, John A.
      Quitman: Old South Crusader, looked at the radical Quitman in Mississippi
      and his roll in secession and "filibustering" activities. Just from
      glances, Manifest Destiny's Underworld looks pretty interesting. Anyone up
      for reading and discussing it?