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736Closing of Burnside Bridge

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  • Andy Mills
    Jun 25, 2002
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      Hello Guys

      Per NPS website, Burnside's Bridge is to be closed for
      renovations. I don't know how long it is closed, but thought I
      would mention it.



      Temporary Closure of the Burnside Bridge

      The historic Burnside Bridge at Antietam National Battlefield will
      be temporarily closed to visitors starting June 13, 2002, in order
      for contractors to complete preservation maintenance work. Workers
      plan to erect scaffolding which will allow them to work over the
      sides of the bridge to repoint (replace mortar between the stones)
      the arches of the bridge. They will also be repointing areas of
      the piers near the water line. Depending on weather conditions,
      the work is estimated to take three weeks.

      Visitors will still be able to view the bridge, but will not be
      allowed onto the bridge to cross over Antietam Creek. The Snavely
      Ford Trail that begins at the bridge will remain open. For further
      information, contact 301-432-7672.

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