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  • dclugh
    Jun 2, 2002
      Dear Group,

      I have just signed on to this group having an interest in the
      Antietem Battle especially.I have been reenacting the Civil War since
      1976 and have recently kept most of my activity to camp duties and
      reading about this period.

      My Father's family sent two brothers, my G-G-Uncles into the 130th PA
      Volunteers, Co. D.
      Their babtism of fire occured at Antietem and being just a 9 month
      unit, they also fought at Fredericksburg and at Chancelorsville.

      The 130th went into the line at Bloody Lane having passed through the
      Mumma and Roulette farms on the way. They expended all ammunition and
      were recalled just before the Iron Brigades charge through the

      I have several copies of letters from members of the 130th describing
      the burial detail of the dead at Bloody Lane.
      "we found young boys and old gray haired men, not one dressed alike,
      the 130th was given the detail as "punishment for having complained
      with their commanding officer that they were not permitted to stop
      and change into dry socks after fording the Antietam Creek on the way
      to the battlefield."

      I have found the most enjoyable and educating book on this battle to
      be "Antietam: The Soldiers' Battle" by John M. Priest.
      I would like to hear from members on their experiences and reasons
      for interest in Antietam as well as further recommended readings.

      I look forward to reading your posts.
      Your Humble Servant,