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724RE: [TalkAntietam] Antietam muster??

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  • Andy & Kim Mills
    Jun 1, 2002

      I know I would be interested. Let me know if I can help.

      Gettysburg is great in the early spring and late fall. During the tourist
      season, I stay away as much as I can. The crowds are way too much. Lets
      hope they never make an Antietam movie :)


      -----Original Message-----

      Hi Group:

      I was just at the Gburg Muster this past weekend...It
      went well. Anyways, I was thinking about trying to
      organize an Antietam Muster..if anyone is interested.
      i volunteer to do a program or two.Would anyone be up
      to doing this some weekend this summer. Im esp.
      interested in learning more about the West Woods.. I
      was thinking we could also cover Sth Mountain,
      Sheperdstown, and maybe Monocacy. I know the rangers
      at Antietam and Monocacy since i worked there for a
      summer , so maybe they can hook us up w/ some
      programs. Or we can do our own. Anyways I think it'd
      be cool cuz' Im actually starting to get bored w/
      Gburg plus the crowds can be frustrating. you dont
      have that at Antietam. Let me know if youre
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