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719Harpers Ferry OOB information wanted

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  • scottmingus
    May 31, 2002
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      I need some assistance from this august body, please.

      Does anyone have a good order of battle for the Yankees at Harpers
      Ferry? I've seen OOBs that list 4 colonels, but not the exact
      breakdown of which units were in which brigade. I know from some
      period reading of original sources that D'Utassy had 3 regiments,
      Ward had 4 for example, but which ones were assigned to whom?

      Also, what was the regimental breakdown of the 12,000+ men captured?
      How many men were assigned to each regiment? I've seen sources that
      state that the Garibadli Guards (39th NY) had roughly 450 men, but I
      have yet to see similar numbers for all the rest of the regiments.

      Anyone have this information?


      Scott Mingus

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