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7059"Forey's Brigade"

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  • eighth_conn_inf
    Sep 22, 2013
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      I'm trying to track down "Forey" in "Forey's Brigade" as it was referenced by Sec. Chase in his interview with Mansfield 8 Sept. 1862 "...leaving at Suffolk, Forey's Brigade of four diminished Regiments, say 1,800 men in all...."


      I've spent a couple of hours trying to track him down (and using likely variants of his name) to no avail. He was apparently at Suffolk in 1862 according to Chase/Mansfield and near Charleston, SC, in 1863 near Folly's Island according to a NY newspaper. I suppose Chase could have misspelled the name but then again by the newspaper? Strange. Anyone know about him? Thanks, Larry.

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