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  • Ray Ortensie
    Apr 29, 2002
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      I am needing some help from members of this group. As some of you know I have been doing some research on Confederate chaplains. More specifically I am looking at chaplains within the Second Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Most of the primary sources that I have been able to find are from some of the chaplains themselves (i.e.. J. William Jones, A.D. Betts, Bennett, etc.). In order to prove that religion helped build and sustain Confederate morale I need to look at the common soldiers themselves. This is the area that I am having the problem in. A majority of the sources that I was able to get my hands on never mentioned religious services within the camps (except for instance some of Stonewall's letters home to his wife, Dabney's letters, and some mentions in W.D. Pender's letters). I am putting together a research grant proposal and the help that I need is if anyone knows of a collection in the South that holds a great deal of Second Corps sources. I'm leaning towards both the Southern Historical at Chapel Hill and the Duke Collection as being the primary places. Does anyone know of others that may help in this endeavor. I have a good chance of getting this grant and need to get a proposal to the office within two weeks so if anyone could help, please do. You can email me directly at photoray@... Thanks!


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