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7012RE: [TalkAntietam] Re: Monument at Locust Spring Hospital

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  • G E Mayers
    Aug 16, 2013
      So where is this monument?

      Yr. Obt. Svt.
      G E "Gerry" Mayers

      "True patriotism sometimes requires of men to act exactly contrary, at one period, to that which it does at another, and the motive which impels them--the desire to do right--is precisely the same. The circumstances which govern their actions change; and their conduct must conform to the new order of things." -- Robert E. Lee

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      > I know this is an older thread but I just got this
      > transcribed from Dr. T H Squires, a letter to Dr.
      > Bowditch 2nd Dec 1862:
      > Locust Spring Hospital Dec 2d 1862
      > Dear Doctor,
      > Your kind letter is just received- In relation to Dr.
      > Letterman and the Ambulance I. C. I do not know know
      > as anything needs to be said on my part. I hope the
      > good which will undoubtedly follow your recent
      > inquiries into that Ambulance system, will not be
      > attended with any evil to persons not guilty of
      > delinquency. This is a maxim appertaining to surgery
      > that " in order to heal a wound you must probe it,"
      > and probing often makes the patient wince. In
      > relation to Henry Sweetman I may say, that he has a
      > headboard at his grave. Since you have left I have
      > caused a stonewall to be built around our burying
      > place, and I have fifty headboards made of uniform
      > size, all painted white and nicely lettered, so that
      > now my graveyard has tablets which, at a little
      > distance, appear to be marbleslabs, and what is more,
      > I am now having a little monument made to be placed in
      > the midst, with this or some other sim {(sic) torn
      > page}inscription:
      > Sacred to memory
      > Of the
      > Union Soldiers
      > Who lost their lives
      > In defence of their Country
      > Battle of Antietam
      > Sep 17th 1862
      > The letter continues but does not mention the
      > graveyard again.
      > I have an article mentioning it as well if your interested.
      > T
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      > >
      > > Today I found two unrelated references to a small
      > monument at Locust Spring Hospital, otherwise known as
      > Geeting or Crystal Spring Hospital. This would have
      > been right after the battle. Anyone know of a picture
      > of this monument?
      > >
      > > "A neat monument has been erected. On the tapering
      > point at the top is fixed a large cannon ball. At the
      > side is a large rifled cannon, whihc was used in the
      > battle, and rendered useless by having a piece broken
      > off. On the side of the monument is inscribed:"Sacred
      > to the memory of the Union Soldiers who lost their
      > lives in defence of their country at the Battle of
      > Antietam, September 17, 1862."
      > >
      > > "In a few days after the doctor left the boy died
      > and was buried in an extemporized burying ground
      > ornamented with cast off cannon from the battlefield
      > of Antietam."
      > >
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