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7003Re: [TalkAntietam] Location of Gen. Rodman's demise

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    Apr 15, 2013
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      A detailed source on Rodman (including his death) is entitled "  South Kingstown’s Own: A Biographical Sketch of Isaac Peace Rodman Brigadier General".

      It is avai lable at: http://digitalcommons.uri.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1021&context=sc_pubs

      Here are some exc erp ts pertinent to your ques tion:

      Rodman and Ives were carried first to a field hospital set up in either the Rohrbach house or in a nearby church [accounts vary].

      On the 18th both Rodman and Ives and other wounded were moved into hospital tents pitched on a rise near the battlefield . The army tried to send telegraphs to their families but the lines were distant and overwhelmed by urgent official Army messages. In addition, telegraphers had orders that all messages must first go through the censors at the War Department in Washington, further snarling communications. Ives’ father in Providence did not receive word until Friday or Saturday , forty eight hours after the battle. We can assume Rodman’s family was notified about that time as well. Meanwhile, Rodman and Ives were moved by ambulance once more to a hospital at the nearest rail terminus at Hagerstown , Maryland, about sixteen miles distant. The hospital was nothing more than a private home graciously offered by its owner, Dr. Horner, to aid the wounded.

      Although they feared Rodman’s case was hopeless the surgeons expressed a glimmer of hope that he might rally and recover, but he did not. For twelve days he lingered on, with rapid pulse, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, and cyanotic lips from a lack of adequate oxygen. Nevertheless, he retained all of his faculties to the end, never complaining and always trusting that all things were in God’s hands. At last his time came to an end and he died quietly from internal bleeding late in the evening of 29 September or in the early morning hours of 30 September with his wife Sally, his father Samuel, William H. Hazard, his South Kingstown physician, and his aide-de-camp Lieutenant Aborn at his side.

      Tom Shay

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      Question to the experts...

      I have seen references to General Rodman passing away in Hagerstown, and in "a home near Hagerstown". I believe he died on September 30.

      Anybody know for a fact where he passed? If he did die in Hagerstown, that's one more thing to put in my pile of Hagerstown stories.


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