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6989Capt. Clarence Hopkins Dyer and XII Corps Surgeon

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  • eighth_conn_inf
    Jan 14, 2013
      Would anyone have a photo of Mansfield's aide, Capt. Clarence Hopkins Dyer? None found in the usual places but I will check at the WP Library and Middlesex CHS. How about the name of his body servant or more info on the chief Twelfth Corps surgeon who attended him, Dr. Anselum (sp.?)?

      Does John Schildt's book, "Antietam Hospitals", have info on the Twelfth Corp medical staff esp. the Martin Line Farm where Mansfield died? I have most of John's books but unfortunately not this one. Did he also write a book about the Twelfth Corps at Antietam?

      From Dyer's letter: "Doct. (Anselum) Surgeon of the [Twelfth} Corps, and Docts Porter and Weeks (the latter of the Navy) were all very attentive to him." Any info about the other two?

      Thank you.

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