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6971Pleasant Valley v. Middletown/Catoctin Valley

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  • eighth_conn_inf
    Dec 9, 2012
      I believe that Pleasant Valley is the name given to the valley between South Mountain and Elk Ridge given all the sources I've read. The valley to the east of South Mountain between it and the Catoctin Mountains I've seen named Middletown Valley or Catoctin Valley. If anyone has sources showing otherwise, please let me know. I know that standing on places on the Catoctin Mountains and looking west to South Mountain, the pleasant valley between should be renamed Pleasant Valley.

      Also, opera lovers to the contrary, our famous authority re the Maryland Campaign is spelled "Carman" not "Carmen." Easy mistake to make.

      I'm still finding typos, etc., in my cav book, which I plan on correcting in my second edition.