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  • Larry Freiheit
    Jun 28, 2012
      I cite Dennis and others in my cav book in chap. 6, p.193, re Douglas's veracity. I have several pages on that fight in Boonsboro.

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      Yes, Dennis Frye wrote an article several years ago about the incident where Douglas claimed he saved Jackson from capture outside of Boonsboro, Sept. 10, 1862.  It was printed in the magazine of the Civil War society, and I have a copy of it around here somewhere.  He didn't make stuff up whole-cloth, but often embellished tales to make himself more important.  Dennis had quotes from Hotchkiss and other staff officers that basically had the tone of "the kid is at it again."
      He is one of those people I'd like to buy at my price and sell at his.

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      In my study of all things Hagerstown in the 19th Century military, I become more and more fascinated by Douglas...CS vet, founder of Hagerstown's National Guard Company, Adj Gen of the MNG.

      He seems to be someone you either love or hate. I hear all the jokes about "Stonewall Rode With Me" and the criticism that he embellished his stories. yet "I Rode With Stonewall" is still frequently cited by authors. I have not heard, however, any specific citations from his book that folks "call crap" on.

      Has anyone heard any specific examples of Douglas overblowing his role or just propagating bullcrap in "I Rode With Stonewall"?

      Steve Bockmiller

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