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6849Re: [TalkAntietam] Hill's Light Division March

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  • troyacool@yahoo.com
    Jun 27, 2012
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      I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth but I recall Jerry Coates regretting (in a way) creating that nomenclature as the whole thing was a lot more fluid than the "type" system has become in modern ideas.
      "Blue Grey English" cloth starts coming in the spring of 63.
      And I believe there are extant sample of Blue trowsers, both Kersey and jeans, cut in the "Richmond style". But Ikd have to check with better sources.
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      I thought Depot III uniforms were not issued until 1864 at the earliest?


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      I have a semi-related story:
      We have been researching the 1st Texas for a CSA impression, and have
      ben getting a lot of background material from the 1st Texas in Houston. While
      discussing uniform coats, he told me that the 1st received new Richmond
      Depot III coats from England, which were cadet gray, after Gettysburg. It
      seems that there was so much blue in them, that at Chickamaugua, their own
      friends from Longstreet's Corps mistook them for Federals, and fired a couple
      volleys at them.
      So, it was not uncommon to mistake friend from foe, in any battle. Even
      when wearing the right uniform.

      Mike Lavis

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      Thanks Mike. I am always skeptical of regimental histories, too much
      post-war influence on the writes. I do not doubt that some guys were wearing
      captured clothing, but I doubt enough of them to fool anyone to think they
      were a Union unit. I recall somewhere, no time to look now, a CS soldier
      saying unlike others, he only took underclothing, not wanting to be shot
      mistakenly. Good stuff!

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      Are William Morris's letters found in a book on the 27th North Carolina?
      Jim Rosebrock

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      Teej - Capt.
      William Morris, commanding the 37th North Carolina Troops, Branch's
      Light Division, writes home on September 23, 1862: “…we went to harpers
      Ferry & captured
      Twelve Thousand yankeys and all of there arms & stores. they surrendered
      without Much fighting. We had a fine time at harpers fery. Got Plenty
      Shugar & Coffee, in fact all
      most any thing we could wish, clothing, etc.”
      He writes again
      on September 28, 1862: “I have Clothes plenty to Doo Me all winter as we
      Got what we wanted at Harpers Ferry.”
      There are
      probably other examples in other letter sets. I just happen to be more
      with the 37th NCT.
      Kindest Regards,
      North Carolina and the Civil War blog
      2010-11 North Carolina Historian of the Year


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